I swear! This Genius Makeup Bag is Every Woman Needs.

Are you having a hard time looking for your mascara and ended up taking your entire makeup collection out of your pouch? or that someone who always keep their bathroom counters clean? or maybe.. a jetsetter who always go out for an exciting adventure and needs a room for toiletries and skincare? I feel you girl and I know keeping your stuffs has never been easier.

Not..until now! 

We found this bag for you and don't worry it will not cost you a fortune.


This 5/5 Ratings 4in1 Waterproof Easy Access Cosmetic bag from Shop4Smartbuyers is now on SALE! and has sold more than 1000 in less than a week and still getting a lot of attention and amazing reviews online. Women are on Panic Buying Mode and Hoarding These Bags from Their 26 Style Collection! 

Women are swearing that this is a lifesaver and here are the reasons why.

1. If you're always on the go and need that quick makeup look, this bag got you covered! No need to rummage all over your stuffs because it open up in just a few seconds and you can see everything all at once! then you can literally just toss in everything back.

How amazing is that? right?


2. It comes in plain colors and printed cute designs too.





3. It's very easy to use!.


4. It has a secret pocket and a small pouch at the front.

5. And.. for the love of Makeup!, Girls, it's WATERPROOF! 


 Where have you been all my life? Say goodbye to panic days!





  • Wiel Miranda

    I can’t wait for mine to arrive ☺

  • Wendy

    I am using this bag whenever I have travels. Not even a luxury bag can beat the convenience I got while using this bag:)

  • Jeline

    My beauty vlogger friends are now using this bag. Very helpful kapag may shoot. :)

  • Marinelle

    How convenient my everyday makeup time with this bag! The seller from Shop4SmartBuyer is very kind too.

  • Jam

    Been looking for this sa mall. Thank God I found this!

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